How to improve individual and team translation efficiency with the help of DeepTranslate?

Published on 21 September 2021 by Iris Chen

Translation is a trivial work with high requirements for accuracy and details. During peak season, a company’s translation team sometimes has to work overtime or even work in shifts due to heavy workload. With the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) translation software, it can greatly improve single translation project efficiency and assist the team administrator in project data analysis.

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How to resolve the translation inconsistency when applying translation engines?

Published on 15 September 2021 by Alice Chan

In recent years, there has been a wide range of translation software in the market. Although some general-purpose software cannot accurately translate specific terms and industry jargons, and the translation of specific terms is often inconsistent, it is efficient and convenient in use. These applications are still very popular for less demanding users.

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Will PDF become obsolete in the future?

Published on 8 September 2021 by Alice Chan

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal document format. In the printing industry, PDF is an indispensable format in ensuring the printing accuracy. PDF can preserve the consistent layout and outlook of the documents in different devices and operating systems.

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What is Translation Memory?

Published on 12 July 2021 by Alice Chan

Translation Memory (TM) is a database for language pairs of previous translated texts, matching the source and target segments. Most of the professional translators apply TM to reuse the previous translation for new tasks to maintain the consistency.

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Hong Kong ESG Reporting Awards

Published on 17 June 2021 by Iris Chen

DeepTranslate has been devoting to build the sustainable development between enterprises, as one of the most important supporting organizations, we introduce the HERA for you

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GBA Innovation Summit

Published on 15 June 2021 by Iris Chen

DeepTranslate participated the GBA Innovation Summit, which is one of the core events of the StartmeupHK Festival in 2021.

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