DeepTranslate transforms your translation processes into accurate, efficient and trusted digital experiences.

Automated Project Management

Our AI system automates the process of translation and calling figures, as well as the construction of customised translation memory (“TM”). Workflow automation will boost productivity and ease the workload of manual labour.

Quality Assurance on the Data

Our professional R&D team works hard on enhancing the alignment of translation pairs, improving general accuracy and fluency as well as updating the database with reliable financial data. To further enhance the quality of data fed into the AI engine, our datasets are evaluated by our translation and linguistics team.

Efficient and Dynamic Workflows

Our AI translation system operates 24/7, without breaks, by covering all the first drafts and calling figures during peak seasons, finalization or bulk print. It heavily reduces time taken to translate the first draft and manually check figures, which helps with large documents such as IPO prospectuses and annual reports, or jobs on a continuous basis and ultimately reduces the workload of translators.

Cost Effectiveness

Shifting the focus from translation to post-editing leads to lower costs and higher profit margins due to the streamlining of workflow. Our AI engine’s ability to multi-task ensures faster production and optimizes for maximum productivity with cost and time effectiveness.

Security at Every Step and in Every Solution

DeepTranslate places great importance on data protection of its corpus and we make sure our client’s data can only be accessed by the clients themselves. To ensure our data is accurate, we also insist on using only the published information from the HKEXnews website or other reputable organizations for building the public TM, training our AI system or producing AI translation.

Real-time Communication and Support

DeepTranslate goes to great lengths to maintain connections with you and make sure your translation needs are fulfilled. Apart from our real-time customer service, you can be fully in charge of your translation projects with the assistance of, and interaction with, the AI system through instant pop-up messages.

What makes DeepTranslate different from our peers?

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