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Technological Breakthrough in Machine Translation

Published on 3 April 2023 by Kyle Chu

With brilliant staff, DeepTranslate published a groundbreaking paper last year contributed by Dr. Beth Chen, our co-founder, Fred Lam, our developer, and Bruce Zhang, our former employee, showcasing a novel approach to improve translation quality and stability in neural machine translation (NMT) systems.

By utilizing translation memory (TM) with paired sentences and phrases, our team was able to enhance translation accuracy, especially for highly similar sentences. This innovative method combines the power of NMT with the precision of TM, resulting in a significant BLEU improvement for English-Chinese translations.

We tested our TM on 3,000 English-Chinese paired sentences which were randomly picked from recent annual reports submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, demonstrating the real-world applicability of our research.

Check out the full paper here:


Kudos to our amazing team for their hard work and dedication to advancing the field of machine translation!

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