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“DeepTranslate translates our documents with great speed whilst maintaining high quality of standard. They are able to meet tight deadlines and often provide helpful comments and insights to the documents. With DeepTranslate’s help, we have been able to translate much more documents and lighten the load on our team.”

Ms. Florence Cheng, Director
Investment Content Strategy, Asia, HSBC Private Banking

“DeepTranslate’s AI engine handles translation extremely quickly and produces exceptional quality. Their expertise in financial documents is apparent in the quality of translation and their understanding of the industry’s workflow.”

Mr. Jeff Hwa, Chief Executive Officer
Solomon Financial Press Limited

“DeepTranslate’s AI platform has been efficient at translating financial documents specifically and is able to do so with speed. Coupled with its user-friendly interface and tools, the platform is expected to increase our translating efficiency to a considerable extent.”

Mr. Andrew Au, Deputy General Manager
Alpha Financial Press Limited

“Being tailor-made for financial documents, DeepTranslate’s online platform has been able to provide swift and accurate translation from English and Chinese and vice versa, helping us to further enhance our translation efficiency and capacity.”

Mr. Lai Hoi Leung, Head of Translation
A.Plus Financial Press Limited

“DeepTranslate speeds up translation from hours into minutes for our first draft translation. It is much more cost-effective approach compared to other translation tools that we have been using. Instead of spending months to build our own translation memory like other CAT applications, DeepTranslate AI technology is self-learned.”

Ms. Fiona So, Managing Director
GR Translation

“DeepTranslate has allowed us to increase translation efficiency by 50% over the previous year. For a prospectus of about 600 pages, DeepTranslate only takes about an hour to complete the translation. DeepTranslate shows its uniqueness with its AI engine which is specially designed to translate financial documents. The “call figures” feature is currently unique among other similar computer-aided tools, allowing us to review all numbers, dates and times within several minutes.”(The original is in Chinese)

Shenzhen Vast Translation Technology Co.,Ltd.