DeepTranslate boosts productivity by up to 60%.


Entire Document Processing Support

You can simply upload the entire document for AI translation on the assumption that formatting will be preserved.

file format

Multiple File Format Support

DeepTranslate supports a wide range of files such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF, allowing you ease of access to our AI engine.

file format

Preservation of Document Formatting

Our AI translation preserves the original layout and formatting for MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Time spent on typesetting, copying and pasting can now be spent on reviewing translations instead!


Automated Construction of Translation Memory

DeepTranslate automates the construction of customised translation memory to ease your workload.


Multi-round Translation Support

If you have an updated draft of a document already translated on DeepTranslate, you can directly upload the new draft as “Multi- Round” and DeepTranslate will handle the markups and amendments for you.

one-to-one mapping

Call Figures Feature

Our call figures feature provides a quick and easy tool to compare numerical values between two documents, detecting inconsistencies between them and highlighting them for the user’s convenience. This feature is able to save time and also spot issues that the human eye may miss, and is especially useful during peak seasons, finalization or bulk print.


Customised Glossary Support

You can upload your customised glossary for each project and have full control of your translation results, unique to each company account.


Multiple Translation Choices

DeepTranslate offers multiple translation choices for each source input. You can choose the appropriate translation option from different wordings or styles that suit your needs, or even be inspired by the additional choices to make your own translation.

data security

Maximum Data Security

DeepTranslate provides encryption capabilities for data to ensure high security and confidentiality.


Post-editing Services

We have a team of seasoned translators who are ready to provide you with either full translation services or just the post-editing services.

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Real-time Communication and Support

With the strong support of our real-time customer service, you can learn the best way to utilize and master the DeepTranslate AI translation engine and use it as a tool to enhance your efficiency and maximize your productivity.