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DeepTranslate shares start-up insights on ViuTV

Published on 7 April 2022 by Jeffrey Wan

Founders of DeepTranslate, Colin Hong and Beth Chan, were interviewed by ViuTV and shared their vision, experience and insights on establishing DeepTranslate as a start-up and developing its unique artificial intelligent (AI) translation platform.

In view of the large number of the currently listed companies in Hong Kong and over a hundred new listing applicants every year, in order to cater the massive potential demand for translation service for financial printing, DeepTranslate has developed its one-of-a-kind AI translation platform targeting the financial domain to meet the highly specialised market’s needs by delivering reliable and accurate translation. In the interview, Beth shared the technical features of how DeepTranslate’s AI platform could help improve accuracy and align the translation closer to different customers’ particular style using customised glossary and translation memory.

Apart from accuracy, speed is also a major competitive strength of DeepTranslate’s AI platform. “A potential customer called me on a Saturday night for help with translating of an urgent task. ‘Colin, I heard you have an AI system that may help me.’ That was 10pm, and he was still looking for a translator,” Colin shared his experience on how quickly the system could help meet translation requirement. “I told him I would help with the document. So I converted the document from English into Chinese with our system and it only took less than a minute. He was so surprised that I could finished the task for him even before he received replies from other translation companies. He was impressed and later became our customer.”

Their belief in market potential and strong market sense, combined with hard work and dedication in research and development, have earned DeepTranslate steady business growth and a broad variety of clients, including banks and listed companies, in just a few years since their establishment in 2018.

Colin also explained how COVID has impacted the commercial use of AI systems, “Adapting to the new normal under the pandemic, many people need to work from home and it has changed the traditional practice of handling financial documents in offices in the past. Working on documents online can save commuting time and streamline redundant work procedures. So under the pandemic, people are more willing to try out our AI system.”

DeepTranslate joined the Start-up Express 2021 organised by Hong Kong Trade Development Council, through which they have received invaluable benefits, including connection to potential business partners, investors and clients as well as exposure to media and marketing opportunities, especially those from Mainland China. Specialising in translation between Chinese and English, it is believed that DeepTranslate can enjoy the opportunities provided by Greater Bay Area to penetrate the market in Mainland China.

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