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CTO Prof. Francis Chin awarded Test-of-Time Award

Published on 24 June 2022 by Jeffrey Wan

DeepTranslate’s CTO, Professor Francis Chin, was recently awarded the prestigious 2022 Test-of-Time Award from RECOMB (one of the flagship conferences for computational biology) for his co-authored paper “IDBA-a practical iterative de Bruijn graph de novo assembler” published in RECOMB2010.

The selection committee recognized the deep impact of this work, along with its subsequent journal version titled “IDBA-UD: a de novo assembler for single-cell and metagenomic sequencing data with highly uneven depth,” by Y Peng, HCM Leung, SM Yiu, FYL Chin, Bioinformatics 28 (11), 2012. The two papers have a combined citation count exceeding 2650, which is a remarkable achievement. The work has truly stood the test of time.

Although Professor Chin’s research interest has evolved away from bioinformatics and computational biology, the work recognized by the Test-of-Time Award has relevance to Professor Chin’s current work on machine translation and natural language processing. Instead of assembling or combining short DNA A-C-T-G string sequences together to form longer genome sequences, Professor Chin is now assembling translation pieces together to form translations of complete sentences.


With outstanding academic accomplishment and extensive knowledge, Professor Chin’s has been leading DeepTranslate’s team of IT experts to innovate our pioneering translation engine with a theory-based and user-experience driven approach. Let’s wish Professor Chin the best of luck in his search for further algorithms and innovations that can stand the test of time and benefit DeepTranslate.

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