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Introduction to different computer-aided translation

Published on 29 May 2020 by Alice Chan

Computer-aided translation is an effective tool for enhancing but not replacing traditional translation, which assists users to execute localization management and obtain language solutions efficiently. Nowadays, machine translation has no doubt become an essential part of corporate business communication and people’s daily lives. It offers various benefits, mainly in terms of saving costs and time.

In the early stages, Rule-Based Machine Translation (RBMT) works on the basis of grammatical rules. It generates more grammatically correct output at the morphological level but makes relatively unsatisfied semantic choices.

What we are better than other peer is, DeepTranslate focuses on deep learning and primarily uses AI translation which relies on neural networks (similar to biological neural networks of human brain) to develop the statistical models for translation and improve the translation skills by “learning” and “training” constantly. At the same time, DeepTranslate also incorporates Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) to ensure the quality by creating a translation memory.

DeepTranslate provides a high quality, quick and cost-effective AI translation platform for your English/ Chinese translation on financial documents such as Annual Reports, Annual Results, IPOs, or any type of disclosable documents required by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Our management team includes two professionals, a computer science professor from the Hong Kong University, and industry guru in the financial printing who understands the industry and your documents’ requirements.

Our platform supports MS word, Powerpoint and even PDF format. You don’t have to BUY NOW. Contact me or my sales team for a trial account.

Introduction to different computer-aided translation
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