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DeepTranslate’s glossary checker strengthens the implementation of vocabulary, making post-review more convenient

Published on 1 November 2021 by Alice Chan

For the translation of larger documents, it is essential to prepare a customised glossary and incorporate unique or highly repeated glossaries to the project, such as industry jargons and names of products or management team members, so as to save the time of repetitive glossary checking and ensure the consistent usage of words in the documents.

At present, the strategy commonly adopted by translators is to define the translation of some wordings at the beginning of the project, and then add or update the glossary list from time to time during the translation process. Due to the workload of large projects, multiple members may be involved in translating new content or constantly revising the markups. It depends on the team’s cooperation to complete the whole task. Handover often leads to a certain degree of difficulties in following the glossary strictly.

Furthermore, once the peak season is reached, the manpower needs to handle multiple projects at the same time. How can we reduce the confusion or errors that may occur when the manpower follows the glossary? How can we check the glossary more quickly and effectively without delaying the deadline to finalise?

Glossary check

DeepTranslate has launched the “Glossary Check” to address the translation pain points above. This translation assistance tool aims to help users strengthen the execution of the glossary to achieve a high degree of consistency. Users only need to upload the source text and the translation plus the glossary to the glossary checker. The checker will compare the source text and the translation with the pairing on the glossary to detect the inconsistencies between the translation method of the target text and the glossary, so as to remind the users to make post-modifications according to the glossary in the appropriate position.

In the past, translation teams usually only focused on the execution of the glossary during the translation. Due to the tight schedule, it seems almost unrealistic to spend a long time checking the glossary before finalisation! From now on, DeepTranslate’s glossary checker can take on this important task for the translation team, saving the translation team’s time and efforts of checking word by word according to the glossary, and hence making post-review more convenient!

Glossary check
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